It’s not too late to jump back in

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Hello lovely readers,

If ever you need proof that I am a human still very much learning and growing, allow me to submit to you as evidence that I started a blog in December with a post about how I was turning my perfectionism into practical change and than I disappeared for the entire month of January. I even had my next blog post started but every day my brain came up with some convincing reasons not to finish it. Reasons such as.. I’m too tired, I don’t feel like it, I’ll do it tomorrow. And then as the weeks crept by, I was starting to feel pressure to have really accomplished something before I posted again.

Hold up, brain. This is what breaking from perfectionism is all about!

But then I said… “Hold up, brain. This is what breaking from perfectionism is all about!” And before my brain could convince me otherwise, I plopped myself on the couch, grabbed my laptop, and started writing this honest, unplanned, unedited blog post. Even while typing this post, my brain successfully lured me to social media. No, brain! Get back here! We are DOING THIS.

I’m used to shaming myself for things like not posting for over a month or for not taking any steps in my well-thought out plan for making small, healthy changes in my life. BUT one thing I have put a lot of energy into over the last few months is learning to recognize when my thoughts are getting in my own way and shifting my mindset to something that better serves me. So instead of beating myself up over what I didn’t do… I’m acknowledging that I took some well needed time for myself and am proud of myself for jumping back in. This type of mindset shift often isn’t easy, but with practice, I’m finding it’s getting much better.

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