Breaking the habit of screens before bed is not easy

It’s the middle of May and my sleep goal for this month is supposed to be to turn screens off by 10:00pm but by the time I go upstairs and finish getting ready for bed, all I want to do is grab my iPad and watch a stupid sitcom until I can’t keep my eyes open anymore. It doesn’t help that I’m currently in the middle of Schitt’s Creek (I know, I know, I’m super late on this train) and don’t really watch tv at any other time. I need a mental shift and some wind down alternatives.

So far my list of possible non-screen-related wind down activities include:

  1. Stretching
  2. Reading a book
  3. Guided meditation
  4. Listening to a podcast

Listening to a podcast sounds the most appealing to me because it feels the closest to watching a show so I’ll give that a go. Next on my agenda: Find and download a podcast app on my phone and load up my queue.

Another option I’ve considered (and since struck off the list) is watching the new Headspace Sleep series on Netflix, which is a twenty-ish minute episode about the importance of sleep and how we muck it up ending in a meditation to help with sleep. It’s a good idea in theory to baby step away from screens but just grabbing my iPad and opening it up at night when my willpower is thin and overstretched makes it just too tempting for me to say “Nah” to the sleep series and go to my usual non-educational comedy option instead.

I may have to remove my iPad from the room so it’s not an option at all… (my brain really opposes this idea which also really suggests to me that it’s going to be a necessary step to get this to work).

How is everyone else’s May going?

One response to “Breaking the habit of screens before bed is not easy”

  1. […] Last time I wrote, I was really struggling with this month’s goal of turning off my screens 30 minutes before bed (and really, the recommendation is an hour before bed so I’ve been aiming for half the recommendation). I have such a well established habit of watching light-hearted comedy shows until I can’t keep my eyes open that to cut that out and replace it with something else was not happening. […]


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