What if we all treated each other like fellow human beings?

Keeping it short today with some random shower thoughts.

What if whenever we encounter people with an opposing viewpoint, we view it as an opportunity for us to learn something new instead of assuming they are coming from a place of ignorance or malice?

What if that anger we take out on a stranger (a complaint, an insult, cutting them off on the road, etc.) is the last straw for whatever is happening in their life?

What if a spontaneous kind word or action toward a complete stranger (a compliment, a smile, holding the elevator door, etc) could make their terrible day not feel so heavy?

What if we allowed ourselves to love ourselves completely and unconditionally without the voice of society telling us it’s narcissistic to do so?

What if we praised ourselves and others for practicing and trying instead of passing judgment and criticisms for the mistakes and missed targets?

What if we all believed that every person is just doing the best they can given their circumstances, given their experiences, given what others have taught them?

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