Practicing gratitude: 20 things about myself I appreciate and for which I am grateful

In the spirit of Thanksgiving–and to give myself a reprieve from the regular pressure of coming up with new post content each week while I’m anticipating giving birth literally any day now–each week, I’ll be posting 20 things I’m thankful for about a topic.

Is it immodest to kick this off by listing 20 things I love and am grateful for related to myself? You know what, I don’t care. We could all benefit from appreciating more about ourselves. Without further ado, here I go!..

  1. I’m committed to always improving/learning/growing
  2. My immune system keeps me feeling good and healthy most of the time
  3. I’ve carried two beautiful babies (as of this posting, the second has yet to be delivered)
  4. I am a caring mom
  5. When I’m focused and determined, I give 110%
  6. I am creative
  7. I’m independent
  8. I’m observant and perceptive
  9. I’m a more than decent cook and can make some dishes I’m quite proud of
  10. I’m mindful with spending
  11. I’m a loyal, compassionate friend
  12. I’m a natural problem solver
  13. I know how to research a topic to the point of becoming somewhat of an expert on it
  14. I can recognize beauty in simple moments
  15. I make efforts to be an informed voter
  16. I’m learning to be more compassionate and forgiving to myself
  17. I push myself to face and overcome challenges
  18. I’m learning to ask for help
  19. I enjoy my own company
  20. I can neatly fold a fitted sheet

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