Practicing gratitude: 20 things I appreciate about my circumstances

How many people are here reading my blog as a way to pass the time when the holidays have you feeling unmotivated to work? Anyway, in anticipation of either being very pregnant, in labor, or recovering from delivery with a newborn this month, I’ve written 4 weeks worth of 20-things-I’m-grateful-for. Welcome to week 2! This week I’m focusing on things and circumstances.

  1. A sturdy roof over my head and climate-controlled home
  2. Blankets and soft, comfy sweaters/sweatshirts
  3. Modern home conveniences: Microwaves, dishwashers, clothes washers and dryers, refrigerators, hot water
  4. Digital communication devices/apps that allow me to connect and share with friends/family far away
  5. Experts willing to share their knowledge and tips on social media
  6. Free recipes and food prep tips available on the Internet
  7. Digital libraries and audiobooks
  8. Being able to afford sending my firstborn (and later also our baby) to daycare
  9. My firstborn has an absolutely wonderful teacher at daycare right now
  10. Having a steady income
  11. My husband’s having a steady income
  12. Having a job that cares about employees as people with family priorities and not just skilled laborers
  13. Being financially secure such that we don’t have to keep an eagle eye on our spending
  14. Generous (for the US) maternity and paternity leave policies for both my husband and me
  15. Outside of mild inconveniences, the COVID-19 pandemic hasn’t affected our family
  16. Living where I can experience all 4 seasons
  17. Having access to quality health care
  18. Chocolate and all of the wonderfully creative ways others have found to leverage its deliciousness
  19. Cheese and all of the wonderfully creative ways others have found to leverage its deliciousness
  20. Cars and airplanes that allow me to more easily visit friends and family far away

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