Checking in on my progress towards consuming 100oz of water daily

When I last reviewed my progress towards drinking more water, my main goal was just to track my current intake and not yet to “schedule” my drinks of water or anything like that. I had been pleasantly surprised to find that just the act of tracking my water and bringing my own attention to drinking water, caused me to naturally consume more water.

Since then, I’ve had even more days of success (with back-to-back days of drinking 90+oz of water!) and found that 50-60oz of water generally seems to be where I plateau after starting to track my water consumption and changing nothing else. Still, that’s not bad considering my average for the first week was 35.5oz.

Day of the weekDateWater consumed (oz)
MondayJuly 2687 (woohoo!)
TuesdayJuly 2785 (woohoo again!)
WednesdayJuly 2858
ThursdayJuly 2954
FridayJuly 3058
SaturdayJuly 3151
SundayAugust 149
MondayAugust 229
TuesdayAugust 375
WednesdayAugust 458
ThursdayAugust 592 (wooooooo!)
FridayAugust 697 (yay me!)
SaturdayAugust 758
SundayAugust 863
MondayAugust 975
TuesdayAugust 10

Updated insights

  1. My weekly average has continued to go up (63.14oz, 67.42oz)
  2. There no longer appears to be a trend for which days of the week I am more or less successful


I caught a head cold at the end of July that just stuffed up all my sinuses and I’ve been a bedtime mouth breather ever since. In some ways, this has helped because then I ended up taking sips of water all night long, but it’s also affected my sleep and made the allure of coffee more difficult to resist. I still have the nasal congestion, and it’s driving me bonkers, but is has been improving, if slowly, and I’m much less inclined to go to the doctor for antibiotics while pregnant (since basically there is no risk-free drug).

I’ve also found this past weekend that I had a harder time keeping a glass of water with me at all times while watching my toddler. We have a tri-level home and he basically wanted to change levels every 10 minutes, (oh, and to be carried there if you please) and I simply did not have the capacity to carry both him, his water, and mine with every floor change (though I did try to a point). Maybe next time I should just have three glasses of water and place one on each of the floors. It’ll make tracking a little weird, but if it encourages me to drink then that’s most important, right?

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