Stepping out of my safe zone and getting out of my head… and I like it?

This blog was pretty quiet for most of February and March. Honestly, I’ve still been struggling to find my rhythm and voice with it. I know my normal tendency is to wait to jump into this sort of thing until I have the perfectly refined plan and I also know that waiting for the perfect plan is the hill most of my passion projects die on.

So I hushed the protesting voice in my head and got started, telling myself it would be okay if I decide I no longer like my path and I want to change directions. I’ve already changed the blog name once and I still live to tell the tale. It’s okay, good even, for things to change and evolve over time.

Some projects are about the finish line, but this one is really more about the journey. I write because I believe I have things that are worth saying. I write for the people out there who share my values, perhaps want to walk along a parallel path, or feel less alone when I say something that resonates with them.

I want to be honest, raw, and real for those people and even more so, I want to be true to myself.

During my blogging silence, I retreated inward for a bit. I did some reading and a lot of reflection, and most importantly, I learned some things about myself that sparked some excitement. Writing my more recent blog posts, I felt inspired. My posts for most of my first year of blogging were rather methodical and carefully thought out and I think perhaps I stripped them of my humanity.

It is really easy for me to get stuck in my head. As I said in my recent post about changing my critical thoughts, my head is my safe space. It’s familiar and comfy, but on its own I don’t think it makes very good blog posts. My work is better when I also tune into how I feel. It’s super uncomfy, but for the first time, I’m truly liking where I’m currently going with this blog.

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